Community guidelines

Community Guidelines

:heart_hands: Be kind and respectful

Treat others with kindness and respect. We don’t tolerate any type of discrimination or bullying. If you see anything, please flag it to our moderators.

:seedling: Help each other out

If you see someone who has a question or needs support, help them! Reach out with your experiences, bump their topic with a like, or tag someone who can help.

:sparkles: Keep it positive

We want to focus on making a positive impact, and share wins, cool projects, and anything that brightens our day. If you want to discuss sensitive topics, try the Deep Chats section.

:crown: Privacy is king

We have a strict policy against sharing exact locations or personal names. If you see someone sharing this info, please flag it to our moderators.

:handshake: Stay safe when meeting up

If you’re planning on meeting a fellow campaigner, please check out our safety guide first. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, please flag it to our moderators.

Important: our forum is only moderated between 7:30 am and 23:30 pm. Please keep messaging between those times!

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